Frequently Asked Questions

Can TEROCO windows meet the targets outlined in Part L of the Building Regulations and what U-value can they achieve?

The TEROCO composite and wood window can achieve a U-value as low as 0,8 W/m²K easily meeting the current standard. This low figure is the result of an innovative frame design.

Do VELFAC windows meet Secured By Design requirements?

Secured by Design is a Police initiative which aims to encourage the building industry to adopt crime prevention measures in development design, therefore reducing the opportunity for crime and the fear of crime, and creating a safer, more secure environment.

VELFAC has a selection of windows that have achieved the required standard Pas 24 for Secured by Design.

Does VELFAC manufacture curved, round or shaped windows?

You can specify VELFAC windows in many different shapes and sizes – round or shaped windows are not a problem.

How can VELFAC windows be made 'child-proof'?

The VELFAC window system includes a number of safety features designed with children in mind: safety locks can be fitted either before or after installation; a lockable handle can be fitted, featuring either a push-button or key-operated locking system; and lockable restrictors can also be supplied – these allow windows to be securely locked in place when opened for ventilation, ensuring the gap remains too narrow to pose any danger.

How can TEROCO windows help to reduce perceived noise levels?

TEROCO offers a variety of noise reduction solutions. Double glazed units can be fitted with different types and thicknesses of glass with noise-reduction values ranging from Rw32 to Rw41 for a double glazed unit. In extreme conditions TEROCO can offer a 2+1 noise reduction window, using optimum glazing solutions a Rw value of 48 (one of the highest in the industry) can be achieved. Information on the relevant noise reduction tests can be seen in the Tests section and more information can be found in the 2nd part of the VELFAC 200 System of our catalogue.

How do I care for and maintain my VELFAC windows ?

VELFAC window systems are easy to use and maintain. The windows need only regular cleaning to maintain their appearance – the powder-coated aluminium external frame will resist even the harshest weather conditions.

The best method of cleaning is by regular washing with a solution of lukewarm water and mild detergent. All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge, and nothing harsher than natural bristle brushes.

To maintain the window’s operation, all moving parts should be cleaned and lubricated with acid-free oil twice a year. Friction stays should be adjusted and hardware inspected.

If you would like more detailed information on the care of individual window components, download Section 9 of our Specifier’s Manual.

If in doubt, the VELFAC after sales service department is available to give advice and, if required, a service contract to ensure the windows installed have a long and trouble-free life.

What is the standard warranty for VELFAC windows?

VELFAC offer a warranty of upto 12 years on our VELFAC V200, Upto 10 years on Alu-Ribo products and 5 years on their timber windows.